How is RIB CostX® Implemented?

Most, if not all academics see the implicit benefits RIB CostX® can bring into the classroom, however they can be a little lost when considering how to implement it into their course. How you choose to teach RIB CostX® really depends on the objectives and outcome of the particular subject. First, it may help to answer a few simple questions. Who are the students? What are the objectives of the subject? What are the skills a student should gain upon completing the subject? How will I measure a student’s abilities? From there, we find that most lecturers generally spend around 20 hours teaching with RIB CostX® in a semester. This may be split into knowledge sessions, where students are taught the fundamentals of measurement techniques & terminologies; and practical sessions, where students have hands-on experience using the software. Some educators may choose to use RIB CostX® simply as a supplementary software so students can recognise the benefits, and the impact modern technology has in the industry; while others may choose to implement RIB CostX® as a semester-long project with a weighted assignment to truly simulate the working environment. There are no restrictions on how you may choose to implement RIB CostX®. It could be taught in a variety of courses; from Building Economics courses to Project Management courses and from Quantity Surveying courses to Building Design courses. If you are still uncertain how to implement RIB CostX® into your institute, then you may like to read the case studies below as a reference point. Alternatively, contact us here and see how we can help!
How to implement RIB CostX
How to implement RIB CostX

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