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The School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University produces high calibre graduates with a broad range of skills necessary to succeed at the highest levels in the real estate, planning, urban design, and construction industry sectors.

Some of the programme offerings include MSc’s in Construction Project Management, Project Management in the Built Environment, Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management, BIM & Management; BSc’s in Construction Project Management, and Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management. These programmes incorporate BIM modules in which RIB CostX® is taught to both full-time and open learners.

Implementing RIB CostX® into classes:

In our programmes, RIB CostX® has been embedded in both conventional and ICT modules. In conventional modules, RIB CostX® is introduced just like any other emerging ICT software applied in construction. In ICT or BIM-related modules, RIB CostX® is taught in detail.

The RIB CostX® component is taught through lectures and computer modelling workshops that review cost planning using RIB CostX® and where it sits in the overall scope of BIM with regards to nD modelling (i.e. BIM dimensions and interoperability). Specifically, students are taught how to measure from PDF, JPEG, and DWG drawings, and to generate quantities from Revit models. To add to that, students are also taught how to develop cost plans using measured quantities and apply this knowledge in assessments to produce cost plans using real-life case studies and projects.


The feedback from students has been superb. Full-time students have high appraisal towards the school for introducing RIB CostX® into the programmes, especially in Quantity Surveying degrees. Open learners, too, often go on to recommend it to their companies after learning the software through and through. Together with other BIM software systems, RIB CostX® has been one of our unique selling points and we have even had students referred to take our programmes.

Final thoughts:

RIB CostX® is very easy and straightforward to learn. It is also a very stable software compared to other similar software in the market.