The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Construction and Environment, The Department of Building and Real Estate

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Department of Building and Real Estate.
Undergraduate course “Measurement, Documentation, and Estimating”.
Higher diploma course “Measurement and Estimation”.
Both subjects are intended to:
1. Introduce the measurement rules as stipulated in standard method of measurement.
2. Develop the skills required to measure, quantify, and price construction work.
3. Develop an understanding of tender documentation, with reference to producing and checking tender documentation.

Implementing RIB CostX® into classes:

Workshops incorporate hands-on building measurement software training using RIB CostX®. Guest lectures of integrating BIM and electronic measurement using RIB CostX® are arranged to introduce the most updated quantity surveying practice in the construction industry. Practical tasks of building measurement using RIB CostX® based on 2D drawings and 3D/BIM models are given in order to enhance students’ engagement in tutorials.


The student response was positive. Students were taught to utilize RIB CostX® to produce Bills of Quantities (BOQs), to gather information using engineering drawings and electronic models, and to develop their skills in electronic measurement.

Final thoughts:

RIB CostX® is very easy to use and install and has full functionalities for practical use. We find the educational standalone licenses, which are provided to academic staff and students, to be particularly convenient for teaching the course away from campus when the situation requires.