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  • Why should I use the RIB CostX® educational version?

    RIB CostX® educational version is a free software geared towards quantity surveying, estimating and construction management courses. RIB CostX® is used in over 80 countries by construction giants such as AECOM, Turner & Townsend and Gleeds. It is crucial that students are exposed to trending technologies in the industry and academic institutes who have already embarked on the journey have found that students have a conspicuous advantage transitioning their way into the work force.

  • Why is the RIB CostX® educational version free for universities?

    The global construction industry has been slow in adopting new technologies. While globalization has helped other industries prosper, the construction sector has stagnated over the least 40 years due to severe fragmentation. RIB recognises that the key in reforming the industry lies in greater collaboration through digitalization, and as part of our commitment to upskill the industry from the ground up, we allow universities to access and learn RIB CostX® for free. Students are charged a nominal fee for licenses due to administration costs, but we still keep this fee low in order to make RIB CostX® accessible for everyone.

  • What are the steps and paperwork involved with getting the licenses?

    There is no paperwork, terms & conditions or commitment at all. Just let us know which faculty & course you intend to teach RIB CostX® in, the type of licenses and the number of licenses needed and we are good to go.

  • What is the limit for the number of licenses an institute is eligible for?

    There is no limit to the number of licenses an institute can receive, however, if it is a very large amount, we will have to verify the usage and installation location.

  • What license types are available for universities?

    We offer two different types to assist with university set-up- Institutional and Educational Network. The RIB CostX® educational version comes with various restrictions to prevent commercial usage. These restrictions are only marginal and should not hinder the academic value of the software. Contact us here for detailed restrictions.

  • What are the differences between the Institutional and Educational Network Licenses?

    Both license types are for campus installation and bear the same functionalities. They only differ in their IT setup catering for the different IT configurations of a particular institute. Generally, if you will only be needing a small number of licenses to be used at a certain lab, then the Institutional setup will suffice. On the other hand, if you will be needing a greater number of licenses to be used throughout campus, then the Educational Network licenses will be more appropriate.

  • Can our university/institution use our in-house IT team to manage cloud deployment of our RIB CostX educational version?

    Yes, you are welcome to setup virtualisation of your RIB CostX educational version, so students can access the software for remote working. Only eligible students may be given access to the virtualised program, and the license serial number cannot be shared with students.
    All relevant terms and conditions of the Educational Program must still be followed, and RIB cannot provide technical support related to issues with your cloud deployment.

  • Can I or my students get a copy of the Educational version installed onto a personal computer?

    This is possible, we understand that lecturers and students may want a personal copy of RIB CostX® to carry on working away from campus. Please apply for a personal license here – once approved, you will be sent an automated email with your serial and installation instructions.

  • How long will it take me to learn RIB CostX® to be able to teach my students?

    With a modern Windows look and feel, the RIB CostX® interface is a breeze to use. RIB CostX® was custom-built by award-winning software engineers to meet the needs of the quantity surveying and estimating practices. This intuitive software design has a relatively short learning curve and our Introductory training takes only 6 hours to work through. Overall, the average person could master RIB CostX® in 2 -3 weeks.

  • Are there any resources or training to get familiar with the software?

    Yes, we offer free training packs for academic staff to download. These packs can be sent once you have successfully implemented RIB CostX® licenses into your institute. We also have free webinars which are updated regularly – the webinars can be assessed here. You could also opt for one of our onsite trainings which is charged at the commercial price. More information on the onsite training can be reviewed here.

  • What are the best practises to implement RIB CostX® into my course?

    Please refer to our How is RIB CostX® Implemented page here for some basic tips and tricks. For a more detailed summary, you can contact us here and we can send through some documentation to help you out!

  • When will my licenses expire and how can I renew them?

    By default, all licenses are set to expire on the 30th June or 31st December for institutes based in the Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere respectively. The year of expiration is relative to when you submitted the application. For example, if you are based in the Southern hemisphere and you applied for a license in January 2018 or November 2018, in both cases your license will expire on 31st Dec 2018. When your license has expired, you can simply reapply again for the year ahead.