London South Bank University

School of the Built Environment and Architecture (BEA)

London South Bank University

In the School of the Built Environment and Architecture (BEA) and with both undergraduate and post
graduate modules such as;
(1) Measurement and Documentation 1
(2) Measurement 2 & Estimating
(3) Measurement, Documentation and Estimating
(4) Advanced Measurement and
(5) Advanced Measurement and Estimating.

Implementing iTWO costX® into classes:

To help them appreciate the ease of using estimating software, students are first taught manual methods of measurement using dimension papers and are then introduced to how it is implemented and conducted in iTWO costX®. Their coursework primarily involves the production of a bills of quantity (BoQ) with iTWO costX®.


Most of the students found the software to be quite interesting and easy to use.

Final thoughts:

With basic measurement ideas, a user can navigate using iTWO costX® with the greatest of ease.