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Within the School of Applied Science, the divisions and courses cover the areas of scientific knowledge with practical applications. Teaching is focused on preparing students for employment through a practical, skills-based learning experience. The 4 divisions offer a total of 19 undergraduate and 4 post-graduate courses with a clear vocational theme, whereby the Division of Engineering and Food Science offers MSc Construction Management and BEng/MEng Civil and Environmental Engineering. Our accredited degrees are co-designed to match industry standards, making our graduates attractive to employers, and our strong reputation for innovative teaching reflects today's employment needs. We aim to give students a valuable qualification combined with transferable skills so that their career ambitions can be fulfilled.

Implementing RIB CostX® into classes:

RIB CostX® is an essential part of understanding the importance of deriving and managing cost data and integrating it into the design data through the BIM process. RIB CostX® is part of the BEng/MEng Civil and Environmental integrating projects at years 4 and 5, requiring students to work in simulated design teams with each student taking on a designated role. The teams are assigned challenging design problems where they need to apply their knowledge to the entirety of the design process using BIM compliant software. Within the project the need to manage data includes understanding the impact of cost on the design process. RIB CostX® forms an essential part of understanding how the process of costing a design influences decision-making in a complex and dynamic team environment, especially when conflicting priorities and large amounts of data are involved.


RIB CostX® is a vital means for skills development for our students and to deepen their knowledge in applying software skills within a BIM process. An understanding of the costing process is a necessary skill for up-and-coming civil engineering professionals, which our industrial partners expect our students to have upon graduation. For us, the advantage of teaching with highly relevant software like RIB CostX® is in its accessibility and favourable price point (educational program is free-of-charge), especially in our context where there are numerous small divisions with tight budgets of their own.

Final thoughts:

RIB CostX® provides students with the foundation to develop the breadth and depth of skills to learn about the costing process and how to share information in a BIM-compliant format.