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The Institute of Business Engineering & Technology

At the Engineering Faculty, we deliver BTEC HND Construction & the Built Environment (Surveying), BTEC HND Quantity Surveying, and BTEC HND Construction & the Built Environment (Civil Engineering) courses from Pearson Education, U.K. These courses, which are amongst our most popular, are recognised globally and students can even progress to a top up degree.

Implementing RIB CostX® into classes:

Measurement and estimation are integral components of the quantity surveying profession, and it is also a prerequisite that civil engineering and engineering surveying professionals have adequate knowledge of these skills. Considering the importance of being accurate and time-efficient in today’s competitive industry environment, we have therefore introduced RIB CostX® to our students.

Being the leading software for 2D and 3D BIM measurement, the RIB CostX® educational version was the standout solution to implement in our programs. Students undergo activity-based training and, for assessment, are given an assignment to measure their level of RIB CostX® skills.


The versatility of RIB CostX®, coupled with its elaborate functions, gives our students a competitive edge. They are bound to become better and more accurate estimators with continued RIB CostX® training, surpassing their future employers’ requirements, and paving the way for good career progression. Studies were also uninterrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, with students being able to learn RIB CostX® remotely from home.

Final thoughts:

RIB CostX® is the measurement and estimating solution of today, with its versatility and user-friendliness distinctly distinguishing itself from competitors.