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Activation & Licensing urgent attention-'unable to connect to the costX database'

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      Hi, it says here that the apps ‘unable to connect to the costX database. Please ensure this service is running and try again’?


      Before this error occurs, I can use the CostX as usual last week.

      The error still exists, even after I’ve tried to uninstall the software and install again and disabled my anti-virus software.


      I have to say I have experienced this kind of errors with iTWO costX a few times in April when I was doing my uni practice study.

      I tried to unstall the software and install the software a couple times in April.

      It works a few days.

      However, today this issue seems very hard to be resolved by uninstall and re-install.


      Could you please help me resolve this issue or help me apply for second license to install for my university study then?

      I really need to use this software urgently for university assignment which is due on Saturday 08/05/2021.


      Much Appreciated for your time and help.


      Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

      Kind Regards,

      Mingerror unable to connect

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      RIB CostX

      Hey Max Dai,

      Thank you for your post.
      We emailed you directly, please check your email associated with your account.

      Hope this helps!


      iTWO costX Forum Admin

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