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General Discussion Unable to Install CostX

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      Hi there, as I was attempting to install costX on my Mac, it prompted for a password for backup etc. I was not sure so I entered 12345 then clicked on ‘Install’. As costX was trying to install, a dialogue box appeared that stated “Current user does not have administrator rights. Status code: 12345” with an ‘Ok’ button to click on. I then clicked on the ‘Ok’ button and while it is trying to initialising database, another dialogue box appears that states “{1500} Setup was unable to create the database successfully. Please ensure you have administrator permission and try installing again. If the problem continues, please contact your reseller or supplier for assistance and provide the detailed error message below. Detailed Error Message: removing contents of data directory “C:/ProgramData/Exactal/CostX/Database”. I own this laptop and am the administrator of this computer so I have administrator rights for this computer.

      Would appreciate your assistance with this issue. Thank you.

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      RIB CostX



      Thanks for your post.


      While the construction industry is still predominantly Windows based, you can run Windows on a Mac by either booting to Windows using Apple’s Boot Camp or running in a virtual machine using Parallels or VMWare. Please ensure you leave lots of time to arrange this before your course starts.


      Hope this helps.


      Kind regards,


      CostX Admin

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