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Workbooks & Report Unable to generate imported report

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      I am unable to generate an imported report in my workbook. I am also unable to generate default reports, with the same error code.

      I sent my folder to a classmate who then attempted to generate the report and he got the same issues as I did which leads me to believe that the issue lies with my file.

      “ITWO costX has had a critical error.

      1: EPgError

      2: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block

      To ensure changes made after this point are retained, ITWO costX needs to be restarted. Close ITWO costX now?”

      This is the above message I get each time I have attempted to generate the report.

      I have restarted costX

      I have downloaded the reports multiple times, imported them multiple times and rerun the software to no luck.

      I have sent it to a classmate and they got the same issue as me.

      What do you think should be the next logical steps for me?

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      RIB CostX

      Hi there,

      Thank you for posting on the forum.

      This workbook must contain some bad data. Can you please try clicking on the drop-down menu beside reference (little red book) -> then click verify workbook consistency to fix bad data before you can generate a report.

      Please contact for further issues.

      Thanks and hope this helps.

      iTWO costX Forum Admin

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      Good afternoon,


      Thank you for your fast reply, I was able to follow your instuction and generate my report.


      I appreciate your effort,



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