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General Discussion Setting up properties for Vertical Framing, dwangs etc

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      I was wondering how to set up my spacing for working out studs. In the youtube videos it has a custom quantities section. On my version there is no custom quantities section. I am also trying to work out how to measure volumes off of a 2D drawing. Is there also a way to measure all bottom plates, top plates and dwangs just from using a 2D drawing?

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      RIB CostX

      Hi Aiax,

      Thank you for your post.

      It would depend on which version of iTWO costX you are using. If you are using V6.8 or earlier, then you would need to add the Custom Quantity (like Studs) at the bottom of the Dimension Group Properties window.

      Whereas, if you are using V6.9 onward, one would need to add the Custom Quantities on the ‘Custom Quantities’ tab:

      Bottom and Top Plates would be the length of the wall, so one wouldn’t necessarily setup a Custom Quantity for this. But if you did want to do this, then you’d need to add it as a Custom Quantity as mentioned in the above screenshots.

      Hope this helps!


      iTWO costX Forum Admin

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