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Activation & Licensing Re-activation License

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      Good Morning

      I have tried to activate my CostX license for the first time use and have received the – “Activation Failed: License cannot be re-activated, please contact your distributor.”

      This occurred when i first installed and put in the given license, I then requested a new license and it has occurred again.

      If you need any further information feel free to let me know and i will be happy to provide.

      All the best

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      Hi georgepurvis,

      Thank you for your post.

      Regarding your issue, you could please uninstall iTWO costX completely (without keeping the database) then try a fresh reinstall and activate it by a new serial number. To obtain a new license, please apply with your academic email through this link:

      Hope this helps!


      iTWO costX Forum Admin

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      Thank you for this. I have followed the steps and attempted to activate the new license after un-installing. Now I am getting an error of “Unable to contact activation server. Please ensure your computer is connect to the Internet.”

      I am connected to the internet, I also attempted to manually activate the license, however, when doing this I received the same error as before stating that i am unable to reactivate the license.

      If you would be able to advice on the process of licensing this it would be greatly appreciated.





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      Hi George,

      Thank you for the update.

      We’ve passed your issue onto our IT support team, and they’ll contact you shortly.

      Hope this helps!


      iTWO costX Forum Admin

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      I ve just got my student license at 21.06.2021 ,but it expires 31.06.2021..just 10 is not enough to study my project.I would like to extend my license .What should i do?Thanks

      • #1946

        Hi Kaleh,

        Thanks for your post.

        Per your lecturer’s advice, we’ve extended your license.

        Hope this helps.


        iTWO costX Forum Admin

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