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General Discussion Opening exports from Revit

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      Hello everyone,

      I am new to using iTWO CostX, and I have not gotten very far with it as I have not been able to insert a drawing exported with the RIB iTWO Revit Plugin. I get the following message:

      Error when opening drawing

      I have tried to export the model from Revit in ifc format, but it loses too much information and has some other errors.

      Lastly, I am using Revit 2021, so I can’t open the drawing directly in RVT format, as it is not supported by iTWO CostX.

      Any advice on what I need to do to be able to open the drawings?

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      RIB CostX


      Thank you for your post.

      Please try to manually extract the drawing file with the existing compression application (e.g. 7-zip), the extracted file is an ordinary CPIXML file that iTWO costX can handle.

      Hope this Helps!


      iTWO costX Forum Admin

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        Hello Admin,

        Thanks for your reply, however, this does not seem the issue. The exported files are already in the CPIXML extension (see picture), and the error message comes when using the “Add drawing” tool from the “Drawings” ribbon, after I have already created a Building. I am not sure if that is actually the correct way of opening CPIXML files, but I have not been able to sort this out. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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