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General Discussion Can not active CostX Core

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      Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this.

      I have been trying to fix this for a long time. After I installed the software and at the first launch, it showed:” The following services that iTWO costX requires are running but not responding to requests: CostX Core.”

      So I looked it up in the Services App and tried to activate it manually, but it doesn’t work. So I tried reinstalling the software and turning off AV & Firewall. Sometimes it becomes active, but after a few seconds, it will just turn off itself, and the software still does not work.  And other times, it shows that ”Windows can not active CostX Core service Error 1067” and doesn’t turn on.

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      RIB CostX

      Hi YanzhiH,

      Thanks for your email.
      We’ve passed your issue onto our IT Support team and will get back to you shortly.

      Thanks for your patience.



      iTWO costX Forum Admin


Viewing 1 reply thread
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