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General Discussion Access violation at address

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      When clicking “add” to add a drawing, a pop-up window displays “Access violation at address xxxx in module ‘costX.exe'”. And I cannot open a single drawing. How to solve this problem?

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      RIB CostX

      Hi Shi,

      Thank you for your post. Kindy please follow the below steps

      1.      Make sure windows update is up to date, do not skip any updates;

      2.      Update your graphic card driver;

      3.      Restart your PC;

      4.      Run CostX, click on File -> Options -> Drawing

      – change Graphic Drives to Direc3D 9.0c
      – untick Optimize Images checkbox
      click Update to save the changes.

      5.      you need to Close and Reopen CostX.

      Hope this helps!

      iTWO costX Forum Admin

Viewing 1 reply thread
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