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Activation & Licensing Unable to re-install Reply To: Unable to re-install



My name is Elena and I study at University of Portsmouth where we use Costx versión 6.5 .

I am experiencing problems with my laptop and I will need to do a formatting but as it says on the email, that we can only use this serial number once, I am waiting to get a new serial number just before I do the formatting of my laptop which I need to do ASAP.

As I read on your answer before, if I try to ask for a new serial number, it only allowes me to do it for 6.6 onwards but I need 6.5 because this is the one university asked me for because is the licence they have.

My actual serial number is: ECF5-1392-8482-E399

Expiry Date: 30 June 2019

My academic email address is

Thanks so much in advance, I really hope you could help me.