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Cost Management, BIM & Digital Technology

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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Implementing RIB CostX® into classes:

In the Spring semester, RIB CostX® was used as a teaching and learning tool for measurement classes at the School of the Built Environment at UTS, in accordance with the Australian Standard Method of Measurement. These measurement courses were developed with assistance from Turner and Townsend.


Using RIB CostX®, students were required to measure different trades each week from a variety of drawing types including PDF, DWG and DWF, in both 2D and 3D. Students were also taught how to generate quantities directly from a BIM model in order to appreciate the benefits and advantages of electronic measurement and the synergies of BIM and RIB CostX®. For the cost planning classes, 2D, BIM and RIB CostX® were used to develop cost plans for a variety of different construction projects. For cost planning workshops, students were assigned a project to develop a budget and progress through to a detailed cost plan based on 2D design using RIB CostX®. At the final stage of the workshop students used a BIM template to generate quantities from the BIM object properties into RIB CostX®, supplemented with 2D drawings.

Final thoughts:

The integration of digital technology and BIM into the curriculum design of the cost management stream at UTS has been a major step in enhancing the learning experience for students. The incorporation of digital technology and BIM into the curriculum is preparing students for their future roles in industry to a greater extent than before. The approach that we adopted this semester was well received by students as they found it more interesting and flexible to learn. The materials that we developed and taught represent the forefront of technology used in cost management in the construction industry.