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The RIB CostX® Educational Program was established in order to provide free industry-leading technology to educational institutes. From the first License issued back in 2007, to today having several thousand activeLicense in more than 100 institutes, we are confident that the RIB CostX® Educational Program continues to deliver innovative value into the academic scene and […]

CostX® was first released in July 2004, as a way to integrate the estimating process with CAD drawing files. Although there were a few programs in this field at the time, our approach differed from others by the way we directly tied measurements to the elements in the CAD drawings. This approach allowed us to […]

With our various licensing configurations, whether you’re looking to deploy RIB CostX® for a single computer lab or throughout your entire institute, we have a setup which will work perfectly for you.

Academic staff are provided with free training materials that come with various practical exercises plus drawing files. These can then be repurposed for their teaching. The training materials are updated accordingly with each release of RIB CostX®. In addition, numerous free online resources such as our regularly updated webinars can be accessed from our website.

We offer a stress-free campus license liaison process. No contracts, no commitments! You won’t be required to upgrade to a paid product and renewal of the Licenses is also free.

Our Educational Program is completely free for universities as part of our commitment to educational institutions in equipping students with world-leading technology.

Familiarise students with electronic takeoff and BIM as it becomes standard practice in the construction world and help upskill the industry as we move into the future.